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OptiFlo (Bleaching Earth)

OptiFlo is a range of bleaching earths that offer edible oil refiners processing aids in order to produce clean, clear and quality oils.

Bleaching earth, often called “fuller’s earth”, is a type of clay which is mined in Asia, England, India, and the United States. Once obtained from the earth, this mineral-rich substance is processed and used for its absorbing, bleaching and filtering properties.

Efficient bleaching makes it possible to
  • remove certain pigments such as carotinoids and chlorophyll
  • decompose and partially remove oxidation products
  • remove contaminants such as soaps and trace metals
  • remove traces of phosphatides
  • remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other pollutants
All these substances can have adverse effects on both the quality and stability of your final product and should therefore be removed in order to ensure that the product is commercially attractive.

Bleaching also reduces the number of substances that can affect the taste and smell of the fats and oils. It is therefore used in refining and processing fats and oils that include soybean, palm, rapeseed, sunflower, palm kernel and coconut oil, as well as fish oil and lard. However, the increasing quantities of environmental pollutants and other impurities often found in raw materials of all kinds mean that bleaching is rapidly becoming an obligatory part of treating all fats and oils. This means that bleaching is crucial if you wish to ensure high-quality products and is therefore normally included in all refining sequences.

OptiFlo bleaching earth is produced with high activation, ensuring a large active surface area, affording the maximum bleach effect for even the most demanding oils, with an optimised particle size distribution suitable for today’s modern industrial filtration systems.

Key performance features of OptiFlo bleaching earths include:
  • Exceptional chlorophyll and carotinoid removal from vegetable oils including canola, soybean and sunflower
  • Outstanding filtration characteristics such as long filtration cycles, resulting in less pressure build-up
  • Superior colour removal
  • Removal of soaps and phospholipids
  • Greater metals absorption (P, Ca, Fe, Mg, etc)
  • Low oil residue
OptiFlo clays are less dense then competitor clays and as a result, a reduced amount of clay is required to achieve the same result. Oil loss also decreases, resulting in significant savings. Dosage rates vary according to the quality of crude oil being refined but typically range between 0.5 – 1%.

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